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21 Days Fasting and Prayer (All Must Gather)


Date: July 5, 2021 – July 25, 2021


  1. This is an All Must Gather—AMG fasting and prayer

  2. As a church, we want to engage in the mystery of the midst of the year

  3. The three Wednesdays and Fridays during the fast are important for all to gather @ 7:00PM

  4. Make a list of at least seven people in your family, place of work, neighborhood that has not known Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

  5. Pray every day for the unsaved. Ask that God will touch them, and bring as many as are within at least a 30Km radius into The King’s Covenant.

  6. Though” traditionally” we are expected to break our fast @ 6:00PM daily, but if you are challenged in any way (most especially for health reasons), you can break your fast by 12 NOON or 3:00PM. Also, although you stop fasting at 12 noon, corporate prayer must continue till 6PM. “Evening and morning and at noon, I utter my complaint and moan and he hears my voice.” (Psalm 55:17)

  7. You can take water during the day if you feel dehydrated

  8. This is not a hunger strike therefore pray extensively as much as you can

  9. There is a purpose for your destiny though it will stretch you (it stretched Jesus). Therefore redeem your destiny and restore your dominion (Luke 12:50)

  10. In addition to Wednesdays, make sure that you connect to the church service every Friday throughout the duration of this fast.

  11. You must not only pray during the daytime but also at night. Set aside at least 45 minutes at night to pray (Luke 18:7, KJV)

  12. Be expectant (Proverbs 24:13-14, Acts 3:5)

  13. Remember the mystery of 3 days. God works wonders in 3 days. It took Jesus 3 days to get the power that the first Adam gave to Satan back. “In the third day, he will raise us up…” (Hosea 6:2, KJV)

  14. There are 7 three days in 21 days so use them wisely. You are entitled to at least 7 unique miracles during the 21 days fast and prayer.

  15. Engage in unfettered thanksgiving and praise

  16. Link up with Prayer Connect every work day @ 5:30AM and check your emails and text messages for further information

  17. It is God at work that makes anything work therefore do not toy with sin (Mark 16:20b, KJV)


Scripture for Prayers of thanksgiving

  1. 1 Thes. 5:18: “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

  2. Psalm 100, Verses 4-5 – “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him and bless his name. 5 For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endured to all generations.”

  1. Psalm 66:13: “I will come into your house with burnt offerings; I will perform my vows to you

  1. Colossians 3:15: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”

  1. Colossians 4:2: “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”

  1. 1 Corinthians 1:4: “I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.”

  1. 2 Corinthians 9:11: “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

  1. 1 Timothy 4:4-5: “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.”

Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. Father, thank you for your wonders in this AMG 2021
  2. Father, thank you for the shepherd you have appointed to control the affairs of TKC

  3. Father, thank you for all the ministers and workers you have chosen to work in your vineyard.

  4. Father, thank you for the church of God that is marching forward and the gate of hell shall not prevail

  5. Father, we thank you for all the prayers raised on your altar for we know answers are coming speedily.

  6. Father, we thank you for your saving grace upon our life

  7. Thank you for adopting us as your children 

  8. Thank you for forgiving us our iniquities 

  9. Thank you for redeeming us from destruction 

  1. Psalm 107:8- Father, thank you for your unfailing love and your wonderful deeds for us, thank you for satisfying us with good things.

  2. Lamentations 3:22-23 – Thank you Lord for your love and abundant mercy towards us. Because of your mercies we are not consumed.

  3. 1 Corinthians 1:5 – Father thank you for your grace that has enriched us with all wisdom and boldness to proclaim the gospel of Christ as a church.

  4. Psalm 46:1 – Thank you Lord for being our refuge and our strength. Your protection has preserved us, and your strength has empowered us.

  5. Psalm 46:1 – Thank you Lord for being a present help in times of need. Because of your help, we have never been stranded.

  6. 1 Timothy 4:4-5: “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.”

  7. Father thank you for the gift of our salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Father thank you for the gift of life and every part of our body system.

  9. Thank for every of your creation that you have created to work for us.

  10. Father, thank you for the air we breathe in thank you for the sun, the stars, the moon, the water, the plants, animals and even the earth we live in.

  11. Thank you for the promise you made never to destroy the earth again using a rainbow as a sign of remembrance.

  12. Father thank you for the gift of family, because you chose them for us according to your plan and purpose for our life.

Colossians 3:15: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”

  1. Father thank you for your peace that reigns in the life of every family represented in TKC.

  2. Ancient of days, thank you for your peace that reigns amongst member of every department in TKC.

  3. Father thank you for your peace that reign supreme in the family of your son Pastor Tayo and all the ministers in your vineyard.

  4. Father thank you for your peace that reigns in this nation Canada.

  5. Father thank you for the great wonders you have shown to your church and individually.

  6. Father thank you for your love, grace and mercy.

  7. Father thank you for your care in the mist of all uncertainties.

  8. Father thank you for the ceaseless grace to pray (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

  9. Father thank you for your overwhelming grace of salvation in your church

Prayers for forgiveness

  1. Lord, forgive me for every sin in my life. Purge me of every sin standing between me and my miracle, testimony and breakthrough. Cleanse me O Lord of every sin that can sabotage my miracle (Joshua 3:5).

  2. Please pray this way:

  • I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. …

  • For Forgiveness of Others Father, I need your help and your insights. Please help me Lord Jesus.

  • I believe that All Things are possible with you. JESUS, have Mercy on me. I am sorry for all my sins. …

  • I confess that my heart is heavy. Please forgive my sins and help me to be able to let the past be the past. Never to return to my vomit again.

The God Of Wonders

Say in a loud voice to the God of wonders…

  1. O Lord, open the windows of heaven and change the story of my life. Let a mighty transformation take place in my life (2 Kgs 7:1-2, Mal.3:10, Gen. 7:1).

  2. O Lord, open the windows of heaven and let something big and outstanding happen quickly in my life, family, church, and nation.

  3. Great God, overshadow me with your greatness and let something great happen in my life.

  4. Lord, let the wind of your Spirit go forth and bring in all that rightfully belongs to me; everything you have packaged for me for this year.

  5. Lord, let the wind of your Spirit part every Red Sea in my life (Exodus 14:21)every Red Sea preventing me from moving forward spiritually, financially, academically, physically and maritally.

  6. Father, let the Holy Spirit come mightily upon me today. Let your power overshadow me and turn all impossibilities before me to possibilities. Let the power of God overshadow me and cause everything that is dead in my life to come alive.

When the power of God overshadows a person as it happened to Mary, the impossible becomes possible. Absolutely anything can happen. A dead person can rise again. Dead businesses, marriages and dreams can rise again (Luke 1:34-35).

  1. Lord, wear a garment of favor on me and let it make me a recipient of a life changing divine visitation.

  2. Father, let your divine favor locate me and make me a candidate for a 24 hour miracle.

It was the favor of God that located Mary in a town of Galilee and made her a vessel for God to do the humanly impossible through. The favor of God singles you out of the crowd. Luke 1:26-30

  1. Father, surround me with your divine favor that right now, I will be singled out of the crowd. Single me out O Lord for a 24 hour miracle (Mark 10:46-52).

  2. O Lord, favor me and give me an uncommon testimony and breakthrough this year.

  3. O Lord, favor me and let your divine favor remove every reproach in my life.

Sometimes the distance or bridge between you and your miracle is your destiny helper. But for that slave girl, Naaman wouldn’t have experienced a healing miracle, he wouldn’t have experienced a change in his life; he would still have continued suffering from leprosy. 2 Kings 5:1-4

  1. Father, by your divine arrangement, connect me to my destiny helpers.

  2. Thank you for hearing me, for I have prayed in Jesus name, AMEN!

His wonders in my life

Anchor Scripture: Deuteronomy 3.22, Exodus 14.13, Act 23.12-16

  1. Exodus 7:3 – Father, multiply your signs and wonders in my life, that all who see me may fear your great name.

  2. Acts 7:36 – Father, by your mighty power to perform signs and wonders, bring us out of every captivity and stubborn challenge in our lives and destinies.

  3. Acts 14:3 – Father, in these last days, empower us to do great and mighty signs and wonders in your name.

  4. Psalms 74:9 – Father, your great miracles, signs, and wonders, shall never cease from my life and family in Jesus’ name.

  5. Habakkuk 1:13 – Father, every sin or iniquity in my life that can hinder the manifestation of your signs and wonder, wash away by your blood in Jesus’ name.

  6. Daniel 6 vs 22; Father as you shut the mouth of Lion for Daniel, in your mercy shut the mouth of every accuser of the destiny of every of your children in TKC, so that your glory will manifest in our life.

  7. Father, position every of your children in TKC for divine breakthrough.

  8. Father, make everyone in TKC evidence of signs and wonders.

  9. Father, because you are the God of wonders, let everyone in TKC begin to enjoy treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places Isa . 45:3.

Luke 5:26 “…And they were all amazed, and they glorified God, and were filled with fear, saying, we have seen strange things to day.”

  1. Father, let there be an amazing testimony in my life today and forever.

  2. Father, let your glory of wonders be seen by all in my life.

  3. Father, let my story be told of your great wonders in my life.

  4. Father, let us all begin to experience a new level of signs and wonders as we go from glory to glory in Jesus name.

  5. Father, perform a miracle in my life that I cannot measure in numbers and in words in Jesus name (Job 9:10).

  6. The God of Wonders, show your wonders in my life as you showed in Egypt

  7. Father, I have no power of my own, fight all my battles for me

  8. The God of wonders, let every oppressor of my destiny perish by the order of Pharaoh

  9. God of wonders, expose and disgrace all those that gang up against me

  10. Father, do not stay silent concerning my matter. Visit me in this season like never before

Angels and the Blood

Genesis 32.24-29, Exodus 12.13

Hebrews 1:14 – “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation

Psalm 91:11 – “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways

  1. Thank you Lord for the ministry of angels, and the honor to enjoy the ministry of angelic network in the name of Jesus.

  2. Father, your blood that cleanses from all sins, let it cleanse all our sins and make a way where there seems to be no way 1 John 1vs 7, Eph.1vs7.

  3. Father, your blood that speaks better things, let it speak goodness to the destiny of every one in TKC Heb.12v24

  4. Father, because you have redeemed us with your blood that has no blemish, give us the grace to do your will and be holy as you have commanded 1Pet1vs19.

  5. Father, every Angel on Assignment to bring forth my miracle/goodness, father, with no delay let them deliver to me right now. Dan 6v22

  6. Father, because we are joint heirs by the reason of salvation, Ancient of Days let your angels begin to attend to every of our needs Heb. 1vs14

  7. 1 John 1:7 – Father, by your blood, purge us of all sin that so easily besets us and seeks to derail us from righteousness.

  8. Exodus 12:13 – Father, by your blood, grant us an exemption from all harm and evil in these last days in Jesus’ name.

  9. Hebrews 12:24 – Father, by your blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel, silence every generational voice speaking against your goodness in my life and family.

  10. John 6:54 – Father, thank you for your precious blood and the hope of eternity. I shall not miss my crown of glory in Jesus’ name.

  11. Hebrews 9:22 – Father, because of your blood that forgives us, help us to forgive all that wrong and offend us in Jesus’ name.

  12. Father, let anyone that will come against me, my family and the church be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the LORD chase them. Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the LORD persecute them in Jesus name. Psalms 35:5-6.

  13. Father, let your angels bring me into my inheritance until I possess my possession, according to your word in Jesus name. Exodus 23:2

  14. Hebrews 13:20 I plead the blood of Jesus and confess by faith that the angel of death passes over my house and the church in Jesus name.

  15. I plead the blood of Jesus against every disease and attack of the enemy.

  16. I plead the blood of Jesus against any mental, mystical and physical imprisonment in the name of Jesus.

  17. I plead the blood of Jesus and declare that throughout this year I will stand under the blood and prevail.

  18. Father, as I wrestle in prayer this season, send your angel to deliver me what I need to fulfill destiny

  19. Father, whatever You need to change in my life to fulfil destiny please do it to your glory 

  20. Father, cover me and my family with your blood 

  21. Father, let your blood speak good concerning me. 

Prayer of Mercy

Rom 9:15

  • Ancient of days, have mercy on my family and show us your compassion

  • Father, in any way we have sinned against you as a member of a family or church, Lord have mercy.

  • Lord as a father/Mother in the home, any way that I have not guided, instructed or followed your steps as to how to run my home, Lord, have mercy.

  • As a son/daughter in the home, Lord have mercy on me, as a parent, Lord, do not withhold your mercies from me.

God’s Wonders in My Life

Anchor Scripture: Genesis 21.14-20, 2 Kings 6.1-7

  1. The God of wonders, arise for our help. Where men has despised my family show forth for us.

  2. The God of Wonders, every scarcity in my family, turn them to abundance

  3. God of wonders, where there is no hope rise up for my family

  4. God of wonders, let the tide turn around for me and my family

  5. God of wonders, wherever the destiny helper of my family may be, invoke their spirit to locate us

  6. God of wonders, as you brought healing to the home of Peter’s mother-in-law, send your healing power to every member of my family who is need of healing.

  7. God of wonders, uproot from my family every arrow of wickedness, stagnation, demotion and backwardness fired against us.

  8. God of wonders, crown this year with your excellent goodness for every member of my family.

  9. Father, by your wonders let every enemy of my family be overthrown.

  10. Father, by your wonders let righteousness reign in my family.

  11. Father, by your wonders sustain my family.

  12. Father, by your wonders let the foundation of my family be unshaken.

  13. Father, by your wonders consume by fire every prison garment in my family. 2 Kings 25:29 “And changed his prison garments: and he did eat bread continually before him all the days of his life”

  14. Father, by your wonders let there be heavenly provisions for my family.

Gen 9:9-12

  1. Father, as you set apart Noah’s Family and lineage from destruction, set my family apart from evil and dangers of this world.

  2. Father, let my entire family enjoy your wonders everyday of their life.

  3. Father, because you are the God of wonder, when people are saying there is a casting down, let my home be enjoying a lifting up.

Isaiah 8:18

  1. Ancient of days, make us/my family a good proof of your awesomeness.

  2. Father, let your glory radiate continually in my family/home.

  3. Father, give me and my family the grace to serve you all the days of our lives. Joshua 24vs15.

  4. Father, by your grace let nothing separate us/my family from your love Rom 8vs 35.

  5. Father! Please do great things past finding out and wonders without number in my family in Jesus name. Job 9: 10

  6. Father! As you wrought your wonders in the field of Zoan, please, wrought your wonders in a positive way in my family in Jesus name.

  7. Father! In my family, please let all the children you have given unto me be for signs and wonders in Jesus name. Isaiah 8: 18

  8. Father! By your mercy and because you are the God of wonders, please let your great wonders begin to manifest like never before in my family in Jesus name. Psalm 136: 4

  9. Father! By the power in the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost, please show your wonders in my family, let my heaven open and let my Earth receive your blessings in Jesus name. Joel 2: 30

Calling on God Using the Word and the Mantle

Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

  1. Father, thank you for your word made available to us your children. Heb.4:12

  2. Father, thank you for the glorious promises and prophecies in your word; watching over your word to perform it in our lives. Jer.1:12, Ps. 33:8-9, Is. 55:10-11

  3. Father, let the wonders of your word create a sudden miracle for our destinies and the church.

  4. Father, let the wonders of your word discern and destroy every evil thought against TKC in Jesus name.

  5. Father, let the wonders of your word release power, strength, assurance, and confidence in TKC in Jesus name.

  6. Father, let the wonders of the mantle endue me now with power in the name of Jesus.

  7. Father, let the wonders of the mantle release authority and anointing on every member of TKC in Jesus name.

1 Kings 19.19, 2 Kings 2. 12-14

  1. Father, in this season, let me have a fresh encounter with you. 

  2. Father, as the mantle of Elijah fell upon Elisha and he had divine transformation, please, let your mantle fall upon me and let my life experience limitless transformation.

  3. Father, by the reason of your mantle, let me begin to do the impossible 

  4. Father, by the reason of your mantle upon me, let everything that represent Jordan River begin to part in my way.

  5. Father, like in the beginning, release your word and let there be light in every dark area of my life.

  6. Father like in the beginning, release your word and let every member of TKC walk in fruitfulness and supernatural increase.

  7. Father let your mantle of fire continually burn on the TKC altar.

  8. Father, I receive healing and deliverance through your word. Ps.107:20

  9. Father, let your word empower me for the battles of life. Matt.4:1-11, Eph.6:17

  10. Father, let your word strengthen my faith always. Mk.11:22-23, Rom. 10:17

  11. In this season, I receive the mantle of high favour. Esther 2:15-17, Lk.1:30

  12. In this season, I receive the mantle of speed. 1Kings 18:46

  13. In this season, I receive the mantle of total recovery and restoration. 1Sam.30:8, Joel 2:25

  14. In this season, I receive the mantle of visibility. Joshua 1:5, 1Sam.17:50

  15. In this season I receive the mantle of greatness Gen. 26:12-14,16

  16. Ancient of days, for you honor your word above your entire name, let your promises concerning my destiny be fulfilled this season Psalm 138v2.

  17. Father, as I access your power by faith through any medium laid out by your called children, let me receive my miracle. Mark 5vs25-29.

  18. Father by the reason of your word in Gen 1 vs 3 light up my path and let it never go dim.

  19. Ancient of days, fight every of my battles for me and let me hold my peace Exo.14vs14.


  1. Father! Please let the name of your son Jesus (The Word) and His robe dipped in His blood work for me this day in Jesus name. Revelation 19: 13

  2. Father! As Elisha crossed river Jordan by uttering your name and with the mantle of Elijah, please let every obstacle of my life suddenly disappear by your word in the name of Jesus. 2 kings 2: 14

  3. Father! As you cast out demons by your word, please let me receive my deliverance today by your word in Jesus name. Matthew 8: 16

  4. Father! As Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha and he received the anointing of service, please let the anointing of service fall upon me this day in Jesus name. 1 Kings 19: 19 – 21

  5. Father! By the fire in your word, please, let every enemy of my destiny be consumed, and be destroyed like the wood in Jesus name.

  6. Thank You Father for Your mercy upon every family, our endeavors and household in The Kings Covenant. 1 Chronicles 16:34

  7. Holy Spirit of the Living God, come upon us and make our lives your abode, we submit to your Authority in Jesus Name. Amen. Acts 1:8

  8. Thank You Father for You are the God of Wonders and you make the impossible possible. Matthew 19:26

  9. Any Red Sea situation in any family in the The Kings Covenant, give way to the power of God Almighty in the name of Jesus. Amen. Exodus 14:21

  10. Any family in the The Kings Covenant that is experiencing lack, Father God Almighty whom nothing is too hard for, divinely intervene in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Jeremiah 32:27

  11. Father we pray that Your Angels of miracles signs and wonders visit each family in the Kings Covenant in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  12. Our Father and our God, tear every garment of shame and reproach from our lives and families in the Kings Covenant and replace it with Your garment of wonders in the Mighty Name of Jesus. 2 Kings 25:29

  13. Father, perform in every family in The Kings Covenant, big miracle and wonder that cannot be hidden or denied in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Acts 4:16

  14. Our Father and God, perform wonders and miracles in the lives of all families in the Kings Covenant that cannot be quantified, in numbers and words in Jesus Name. Amen . Job 9:10

  15. Father Lord, perform in the lives of every member of The Kings Covenant, wonders that will make people believe we serve You the one and true God. John 4:48

  16. Father Lord please grant each and everyone of us in The Kings Covenant the grace to listen and hearken to Your voice so that we can walk in the realm of Your abundant blessings in Jesus Name. Amen. Deuteronomy 28:2

  17. Father Lord, perform in our lives, business, destinies, academics, careers, finances, marriages and families the kind of wonders that no one in our lineage has ever witnessed in Jesus Name. Amen. Acts 19:11

  18. Heavenly Father, You are God of Wonders, transform our lives, help us to know the right way to go and give us everlasting joy in Jesus Name. Amen Psalm 77:14

  19. Father our God of Wonders, we pray that Your covenant of peace be evoked in our lives in The Kings Covenant that all Your blessings and protection as declared in Your Word in Ezekiel 34: 25-31 may come to pass in our lives in Jesus Name. Amen 


Anchor Scripture: Joel 2. 23-25

  1. Father, take your church to a new realm of your glory. 
  2. God of wonders, let your son Pastor Tayo enjoy limitless anointing henceforth 
  3. God of wonders, restore everything we have lost in 275 Drumlin Circle
  4. God of wonder, let every family in your church experience divine visitation

  5. Father, cause your rain of blessings upon your church in this season

Hebrews 12:2: “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

  1. Father in your wonders help TKC to keep her eyes fixed upon you.

  2. Father in your wonders be the strong hold of TKC

  3. Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel.

Father by your wonders accomplish wonders in TKC so that it becomes a model for the church.

  1. Father in your wonders let TKC be a channel of blessings forever.

  2. God of wonders, like in the days of old, let the dead be raised, the sick be healed, and the oppressed be delivered in Jesus name.

  3. God of wonders let your spirit and your power accelerate the building and completion of our permanent building at 275 Drumlin Circle.

  4. God of wonders let the Angel of your presence go with every member of TKC and perform gloriously on our behalf in Jesus name.

Isaiah 45:1

  1. Father, continue to uphold your church and direct us through and through

  2. Father, let every great blessing you have released unto TKC last forever.

  3. Father, let the gate of divine favor, blessings, opportunity and greatness of your church never be shut.

  4. Father, give your church the grace not to take your love for granted, lord we will not be too familiar with you, so that we will not lose our place as a congregation of covenant.

Psalm 35:1-6

  1. Father! Contend with those that contend with your church to do her evil.

  2. Father! Let the ways of every enemy of your church be dark and slippery.

  3. Father! For you are God of wonder, let every enemies of your church that comes in one way flee seven ways Deu.28vs7


Anchor scriptures: 2 Kings 2. 19-2, 2 Chronicles 13:5, Mark 9:49

  1. Father salt us with fire

  2. Father, preserve the life of every member of TKC

  3. Father, turn every bitterness in my to sweetness 

  4. Father, preserve my family from thy he heat life

  5. Father, whatever y to hat is a concern in my life turn them to testimony 

  6. Father, preserve the life of PTRO and his family from oppressions 

Numbers 18:19b “it is an everlasting covenant of salt before the LORD to you and your descendants with you.”

  1. Father, by the wonders of the salt, let the covenant of preservation be upon TKC and her members.

  2. Father, by your wonders let the covenant of the salt keep the bond with you in Jesus name.

  3. Father, by the avenue of your wonders let TKC be seasoned with fire.

  4. Father, by the avenue of your wonder let the covenant of salt sustain peace, flavor and prosperity in TKC.

  5. Father, let the covenant of salt speak life to every destiny in TKC.

  6. God of wonders, let your anointing come upon every member of TKC and break every yoke of oppression over your people.

  7. God of wonders, let your anointing empower us to live holy and righteous in Jesus name.

  8. God of wonders, by your anointing distinguish every member of TKC in their businesses, offices, academics and endeavors in Jesus name. 

Isaiah 10:27

  1. Father let your anointing that breaks the yoke, break every yoke of burden in my life and destiny.

  2. Father your anointing of touch not they are mine, let it flow and overflow in the life of your children in TKC.

Matt. 5:13

  1. Father you have called us the salt of the world, we will not loose the flavor we are meant to give as the salt anywhere we find ourselves.

  2. Father because in the absence of salt, there’s no sweetness, ancient of days let nothing be able to steal/take away our sweetness.

  3. Father every water that wants to destroy our salt, Lord cease them up and stop them from flowing.



a) Anointing, Fall on me (2ce). Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me…

b) He touched me (2ce). And now the …my soul. Something happened…

  1. Father, we ask for a fresh outpouring of your anointing to rule and reign as kings and priests. 1Chron. 29:22, 1Sam.16:12, Ps. 89:20

  2. Father, let your anointing destroy every yoke of infirmity, discomfort, disease in my life. Is. 10:27, James 5:14

  3. Father, by the anointing let every yoke of bondage & oppression be destroyed. Is. 10:27

  4. Father, let your anointing teach us afresh. 1John 2:27

  5. Father, anoint us afresh with your Holy Ghost and power to do great exploits. Acts 10:38

  6. Father, anoint us afresh and make us outstanding. Gen. 39:2, Dan.6:3

Thank God for answered prayers